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ZGC Innovation Center @ Silicon Valley

ZGC Innovation Center is a leading technology innovation platform in Silicon Valley that provides services for startups, accelerators and incubators. Our main objective is to bridge the resources between China and the U.S. to foster cross-border innovation and entrepreneurship.



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ZGC Innovation Center @ Silicon Valley

Built upon the skeleton of enterprises with the support of the Chinese hi-tech and biotech industries, the core of talents, the infrastructure of services, and is backed by the security of capital investments. Through the integration of ZGC and the Silicon Valley hi-tech industries, ZGC Innovation Center has become the key platform for global resource allocation and the promoting hand of the Sino-American innovations.



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Our Service

Overseas Fund
By investing KiloAngel and Danhua, the local mainstream funds companies in Silicon Valley, we continuously collaborate with the capital institutions and investment firms and build bridges to transfer the cutting-edge science and technology resources. We speed up building the overseas funds system including Zhongguancun overseas mother funds, direct investment fund, Buyout Fund. We further strengthen the investment of the  cutting-edge  projects in Silicon Valley.  We are supporting internationalization of Zhongguancun enterprises and industrialization integration.
We have engaged in multiple forms of cooperation with the overseas talents in the Silicon Valley. We take the opportunity of building two stations (ZGC overseas scientist/academician office station, postdoctoral workstation) and three committees (Overseas Expert Advisory Committee, Advisory Committee of entrepreneurial mentors and Industrial Organizer Committee) We provide advantageous policies, training programs and support for the employment of the international talents who are willing to start their business in Beijing.
We provide services for the high quality, high potential seed - stage projects in the early stage (seed or Angel Investment). We also provide Standardizing Services, such as Enterprise registration, legal affairs, financial management and intellectual property, etc. In order to meet the financing needs of enterprises with the link-up of venture capital fund for strategic cooperation. We provide services of guiding the regulation, financial and standard procedures after entering the Chinese marketChina's preferential policies and government subsidy channels.

Activity preparation
Supporting by the platform of internal Roadshow training area, cafeteria and exhibition zone in ZGC Innovation Center, we provide customized services for our partners and take over events of the keynote speech, industry salon, talent exchange, business promotion and etc. We also offer a stage for overseas Chinese entrepreneurs, investors, local entrepreneurs and college graduates to forge a better future for ZGC. Through our great efforts, we believe to build a platform and resource center to promote Chinese technology innovation and the integration of resources in Silicon Valley.
Cross-Border Service
Integrating the world's top technology, attracting industry elite talent, bringing together cutting-edge technology resources, building a global influence of cross-border service platform. Relying on my center professional legal, finance, taxation, public relations, human resources, integrated management team for the Chinese government and enterprises to provide cross-border corporate management consulting, virtual and physical company landing, technology mergers and acquisitions, brand promotion, human resources and enterprise cross-border technical training.
Space Rental
Occupying an area of 15000 square meters, including three floors. Facilitated with functional blocks including incubators, accelerators, exhibition center, Roadshow area and mass innovation open space. We also provide shared desks, conference rooms, multi-function hall and cross-border office space. You can opt to rent it for hours, by months or years. We do not only serve the needs from the established companies exploring overseas business at different stages but also provide the complete incubating environment and supporting services for extraordinary quality startups in the United States.

Our Space

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, ZGC innovation center is located in Santa Clara and adjacent to prestigious universities such as Stanford University, University of California, Berkeley and many world renowned high-tech companies such as Google, Apple, etc. It is also very convenient to drive to two international airports San Francisco (SFO) and San Jose (SJC). Driven by its mission of interconnecting high-growth startup in Silicon Valley, domestic mature enterprises, cross-border administration offices, third-party service agencies and strategic partners and its facilities of Oversea operating offices, Shared working space, Incubator, Accelerator, ZGC innovation center is a leading technology innovation platform that bridges resources between China and US and creating a new eco-system that unifies oversea strategies and value-added services.


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What Others Are Saying About Us

Laiwu Zhang
Vice Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology
It’s great that ZGC has built this Platform for China and the U.S. Exchange in Silicon Valley. Because a communication platform, like ZGC innovation center, could form a clustering effect, which could also make new business models. I think it is a good start and a model across the country.
Kaifu Li
Founder of Innovation Works
I think China and the U.S. are the most important markets in the world, The chinese innovation market located in ZGC Innovation Center,and the U.S. Market located in Silicon Valley.I think it is the wisest things to do to have a bridge between the two most important and innovative markets.
Xiaoping Xu
Funder of ZhenFund
The establishment of ZGC innovation center is not only a wise choice, but also a forward-looking and far-sighted choice.

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