【Center Highlights 2/6-2/8】 The ZGC Innovation Center held a Number of Advanced Blockchain Activities.

by zgccapital

With the continuous maturation of blockchain technology, the world is running into the “age of block chain economy” and is also starting an “arms race” of blockchain technology.  In order to meet the requirements of the majority of block chain technology enthusiasts and provide them close contact with blockchain-related technological achievements and entrepreneurial opportunities, The ZGC Innovation Center in Silicon Valley , Global Wise and other cooperating partners held activities on blockchain technology, blockchain entrepreneurship and the ICO trend.  We invited a number of industry experts, leaders and the blockchain entrepreneurs to share their ideas of the current situation, future development of the block chain industry, policy orientation, investment environment, technological innovation and application innovation. In addition, they also answered questions from different categories within the blockchain technology and industry such as “direction of the technology development and application innovation”, “the opportunity of the block chain technology adoption in the traditional industries”, “investment and financing prediction on ICO project across the countries ” and “national regulatory approaching”.

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