The Innovation Center works closely with Silicon Valley's local partners and talent centers such as the Beijing Overseas Scholar Center to help Silicon Valley's young and talented young talented counterparts and professional opportunities.

  • Provide the necessary assistance to those who wish to return to the country, including policy, economic and other aspects
  • Careers for cross-border businesses, in-center companies and partners
  • Provide college students with opportunities for internships
  • Provide opportunities for talented people to become large-scale volunteer activities

Join an internship program

  • Full participation in the opportunity to study incubators. Here you will have the opportunity to learn from the well-known investors, company executives, successful entrepreneurs, top techno and so on
  • Warm up learning opportunities before entering the workplace. Senior HR, finance manager, COO is your Mentor, laying a good foundation for future employment
  • Numerous potential recruiting opportunities. The center regularly recommends excellent interns to numerous cooperative organizations to help you get an offer in the near water
  • Opportunities to turn around. The best interns can give full play to your ability on the center stage, giving priority to the opportunity to work full-time at the center
  • Opportunities to participate in large-scale activities. Center scale ultra influence activities on a regular basis, such as the center of Beijing mayor silicon valley private high-end forum, summit dialogue program, cheetah mobile data BBS, lee innovation works such as silicon valley private dinner, you will have the chance to stand on the activity for the first front
  • Visit silicon valley forefront high-tech company, world top 100 companies. The center's cross-boundary research project will bring interns to visit GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, tesla, LINKEDIN, AIR B&B, UBER and other companies to meet face-to-face with company executives
  • Opportunities for career development and further study. The centre has worked closely with central European , cheung kong business school, and Peking University EMBA, etc., to carry out cross-border training activities in the centre. You will have the opportunity to stand in the first spot and participate freely and get new knowledge

Talent transportation company - center company and partners

  • Investment companies: TRUSTLOOK, ling, META, 3DR and more than 20 startups
  • Inside the center of the incubate company: GRUSH, AIOOKI, emyr, the angel of silicon valley, bo will be the capital, GOPACKUP, CLOUDMINDS, the gold media, yu minhong hongtai fund, etc
  • Cross-border enterprises in the center: qihoo 360, Beijing supply and marketing big data group (soes), China merchants group (central enterprise), hanhai international, haikang vision, Great Wall, high innovation, nantong medical, etc
  • China-us cooperation partners: baidu, sohu, sina, millet, drops a taxi, tencent, zhongguancun angel union, xiao-ping xu very funds, lee innovation works, Dan hua capital, 360, YC, PLUG&PLAY mobile, huawei, cheetahs, Letv, central European business school, cheung kong graduate school of business, such as Peking University tsinghua university EMBA