【Center Highlights 1/19】The Deputy Director of the Information Center at the Ministry of Science and Technology visits the ZGC Innovation Center

by zgccapital

Shaohua Hu, The Deputy Director of the Information Center at  China’s Ministry of Science and Technology, and his team visited the Zhongguancun Innovation Center in Silicon Valley and held interesting discussions with representatives of the ZGC Innovation Center, and various Chinese enterprises.

During the discussion, Wei Luo, the COO of Zhongguancun (International) Holding Company, offered a warm welcome to the leaders of Information Center and introduced the achievements and long-term prospects of the ZGC Innovation Center. He also thanked the Ministry of Science and Technology for their significant support in facilitating the internationalization and development of the center. Both sides reviewed the experience of the director of the Information Center Yunfan Zhou, and discussed the best manner to carry out the cooperation model of promoting science and technology work, strengthening bilateral scientific and technological innovation cooperation and promoting industrial development under the background of the current rapid development of humanities and science exchanges between China and the United States.

After the meeting, the Innovation Center invited a few innovative pioneering Chinese companies from the center, including  Grush, Pintuitive, Sligtech to exchange the opinions with the delegation. Shaohua Hu and his team exchanged information about overseas Chinese entrepreneurship and technological achievements in their respective fields. They also conducted in-depth exchanges on fundamental research, and discussed that the China government will further deepen the reforms regarding scientific and technological fields, enhance the scientific researchers’ market-oriented innovation, and guide overseas outstanding Chinese entrepreneurs which have the good will of returning to start their own businesses in China.

During their time in Silicon Valley, the ZGC Innovation Center’s team, took the delegation arounf the Silicon Valley Ecosystem.  The group visited a number of well-known enterprises, venture capital institutions, technology incubators companies and other science and technology companies.

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