【Center Highlights 1/24】The ZGC Innovation Center Inaugurated ‘The Distinguished Speaker Series’ to a Packed House

by zgccapital

ZDG Innovation Center inaugurated ‘The Distinguished Speaker Series’ to a packed house on January 30th.



This event is part of an initiative to establish the facility as a resource center in Silicon Valley for technology transfer between USA and China, two nations connected by a common future.
Specifically, that means facilitating educational, commercial and investment transactions between two countries certain to dominate global commerce in the 21st century.

200 attendees heard two masters of persuasion demonstrate what it takes to communicate with confidence, conviction, and credibility. Using a novel blend of both practice and theory, they showed how to deliver a room enlightening performance comfortably, just like they do.

First, Bill Reichert tackled the deal breakers plaguing most funding pitches. These valuable insights are based on his extensive experience evaluating thousands of pitches, making Bill ideally positioned to point out how to avoid pitch traps that often demolish presentations.

Next, Nathan Schor exposed the science behind why humans approach certain offers, while avoiding others. Vital to influencing others, understanding how the brain makes decisions leaped forward a huge step because of recent stunning advances in neural science.

Because ZDG Innovation Center is serious about contributing to the local startup community, it offered local teams a complimentary table in the exhibition room next to the event space. Seven firms and their mentors took advantage of the opportunity to market their product to the sizeable audience.

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