Structure of funds

By investing in Silicon Valley local Funds like Plug & Play, KiloAngel and other mainstream funds, deepen the capital and project cooperation with Silicon Valley’s mainstream investment institutions, and docking with cutting-edge technology resources. At the same time, with Zhongguancun Silicon Valley Innovation Center this powerful platform to build a “fund + incubator" innovative investment model; and actively planning, layout Zhongguancun overseas FOFs and direct investment funds construction.


  • We are working with the top US venture capital funds to invest in Silicon Valley's highest quality innovative start-up projects through parent funds and direct investment funds
  • We also coporate with AngelList to invest in the KiloAngel Fund
  • At the same time, we and Peakview Capital, CM Capital, and many other top US investment institutions in-depth cooperation with the parent fund and venture capital investment fund.

Cooperative institution

Invested Company

Meta is creating an Augmented Reality (AR) platform that enables seamless docking between virtual worlds and the real world.
A / B test of the world's leading companies to help corporate customers optimize the site, mobile applications, improve user conversion and activity.
Everstring's forecasting platform helps B2B companies explore market trends, potential customers, and competitive landscape.
Trustlock has more than 25 years of experience in property planning.