Our partners-Governments at all levels

  • Local governments to be held in silicon valley entrepreneurship competition, cross-border activities such as road and place to preach, integrate various resources, by the local government as the leading, zhongguancun overseas institution innovation as a platform, for the enterprise and venture capital institutions, local government and precision talents, project docking, at the same time increase the international influence of the city.
  • For local government to the internationalization of production, study and research service system to add new channels and means, set up "innovation center" in silicon valley, formulate feasible way of personalized cooperation, contributing to high quality capital, projects, the introduction of talent in silicon valley and fall to the ground. Each year, the local government will launch special talents and project docking activities in silicon valley. We will help to build a collaborative innovation consortium combining human capital, technical capital, financial capital and public finance.
  • In the field of talents, every year, the local government will be able to connect with overseas high-level talents (such as the national thousand plan selected experts, well-known university professors, senior academic qualifications, high-level technical talents, etc.); Projects, arrange the project each year to discuss the investment, fall to the ground with the roadshow of local government and, promote more grasp core technology innovation and industrialization prospect, with strong market competitiveness of innovative entrepreneurial project successful docking with the local resources.
  • For the local government, science and technology park and enterprise the urgent need of talents to learn the advanced experience of the industry in silicon valley, is a professional high-tech talent group visit, communication, learning and other training programs. Every year, the organization arranges the excellent talents to visit silicon valley for business investigation and cross-boundary training.

Our partners-Well-known enterprises